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Tree Removal That Gets Rid Of It All

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    Forest Tree Care Inc is

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    Tree Removal That Gets Rid Of It All

    Forest Tree Care Inc. is your complete solution for expert tree and stump removal. Although tree removal should always be a last resort, sometimes due to disease, damage or construction it cannot be saved. Our Arborists are certified and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) to assess your tree and if required, perform a safe and complete tree removal without any damage to your property or surrounding trees. They are experts in climbing, rigging, bucket truck and crane work. Forest Tree Care Inc. has an excellent safety record and are fully insured.

    When contacted for a tree removal job, our team will start with a site visit to see the situation firsthand before giving you a quote. Because every tree is different and may require different tree removal methods, a professional assessment by a certified arborist is the first step in any tree removal.

    In addition to standard tree removal in York Region and the GTA, Forest Tree Care Inc. is also available for emergency services. While we strongly believe that being proactive is the right approach when dealing with trees, we also understand that events like storms and lightning can come without warning. Our professional team will mobilize quickly in emergency situations to make sure dangerous trees are removed quickly and expertly.

    Whether you need an immediate tree removal response or just have a tree that you’ve been meaning to take care of, call (909) 568 6919 or (951) 378 3026 to speak with our customer service staff.